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Tips for Tipping the Party Bartender
Posted on April 17th, 2011


Tipping a bartender who gives you great service is a normal part of having a cocktail in a bar or restaurant, but the expectations are a bit blurred when you're attending a private party or event that has a hired bartender or wait staff. Knowing the correct protocol for tipping these individuals will ensure confidence the next time you order a beverage.

Dear MSB: I'm going to more and more parties at homes where my friends have hired a bartending service instead of having a self-serve bar. I really enjoy having the professionals there to mix my drinks and keep my glass full, but I'm always confused about whether I should tip them for every drink I get or not tip them at all. Do bartenders at private parties need tipping like a bartender in an establishment? — Distressed Drinker

Dear Distressed Drinker: Hiring a bartending service to work at a party or event you're hosting takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and gives you extra hands to make sure your guests are well taken care of and having a good time.

Typically when you order a drink in a restaurant or bar, you tip the bartender for every drink you purchase with cash or you add a tip at the end of the evening on your bar tab. Either way you are taking care of the bartender just the same way you would take care of a waiter or waitress who's serving you food.

When you are at a private event and there's a bartender serving drinks, they are being paid by the host of the event and will most likely also be tipped by that person at the end of the evening based on their level or service. Try to remember to stick a few dollars in your pocket before going to the party so you can tip the service professionals you deal with, if you feel they're deserving of a tip.

Gentlemen, if you're attending an event with a date, it's your job to remember this detail, since most party attire for ladies doesn't feature pockets. If you aren't sure if tipping is OK at a particular event or you don't see others doing it, you may ask the bartender if they accept gratuities and act accordingly, based on their answer.

In general, tipping is a sign that you enjoyed a job well done, and showing your appreciation will always be appreciated.

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