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Wedding Bars (Open Bar vs Cash Bar)
Posted on March 21st, 2011

I’ve bartended hundreds of wedding receptions and in my humble and professional opinion, an Open/Hosted Bar is the way to go. Guests obviously enjoy themselves more which in turn make the wedding into a more fun and memorable experience for the couple. And I hate to say it but an Open Bar also brings more people to the party. I know of people who just show up for the ceremony and leave since they have to pay for drinks. What sucks about that is the couple probably paid for their meals since they RSVP’d. I’m not saying its right, but I’m saying it happens.

I recently witnessed a wedding this weekend where it was a Cash Bar and the group just had no energy. By the time the DJ turned up the music for some dancing, no one was on the floor and seriously…it was a very blah wedding.

Is there a place for a Cash Bar at a wedding? Absolutely. A few weeks ago we bartended a wedding reception in which neither the bride nor groom drank alcohol, but they still wanted to provide it for their guests, but not at their expense. I understand why they did that and so did their guests. But guess what? Party was over by the time dinner was done and the only people on the dance floor was the wedding party.

I know it hurts the pocketbook when it comes to paying for the bar and most of the time the bar is the first to get cut out of the budget. However, don’t forget that having an open bar at a wedding just makes the night more fun and enjoyable. Isn’t that why you invited all these people out to celebrate this special time in life with you?

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